2019 Blue Ribbon Awards Showcase

1. The project must have been completed in Connecticut or Western Massachusetts between January 1 and December 31, 2018

2. 2019 Blue Ribbon Award Showcase Categories 
When nominating a project, you will be asked to place it into one of the following award categories*:

    All projects in above categories qualify for:

3. The awards process gives special emphasis to those projects which have an important impact on the town, state, or region. In this way, projects large or small are given equal consideration.

4. Projects will be evaluated on form, function and challenges faced during development. Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify any economic, geographic, bureaucratic and/or environmental challenges encountered during the project and how those challenges were overcome.

5. Projects need not meet all criteria except item 1 for submission. Preference will be given to those projects that specifically address the community impacts of the project and/or developmental and construction challenges and how the project was accomplished.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please provide ALL information requested on nomination form. Quality and completeness of information is looked on favorably. Tell your project story, and have it relate to the judging criteria.

*Disclaimer: We reserve the right to re-categorize your project.