5 Ways to Power Up your Joy

Date May 25, 2021
Location 199 White Oak Drive Berlin, CT 06037
Time 4 - 6 p.m.

CREW Professional Development Event

Women have been told for years they needed to live up to being perfectionists. Striving to fulfill this impossible vision has often left them feeling unfulfilled, empty and burned out. Margery shows these remarkable women how to gain control of their own priorities, have a greater sense of purpose and meaning, and heal the parts of themselves that were unknowingly sacrificed in the pursuit of success. True success is living a life of fulfillment and joy. This is how life is meant to be!

After 25 years of success in a male-dominated industry and at the pinnacle of her career, Margery was forced to take an honest look at her life. She expected to feel pride and exhilaration, but instead, she was empty, exhausted and in the midst of a health crisis. Her life force energy was nearly snuffed out. Margery’s joy had been sacrificed on her journey to success and her soul needed resuscitation. Her painful experiences fueled her desire to heal herself and recapture her joy. She now guides other professional women on how to heal, step into their authentic vision and power up their joy!

Margery Piccini, CEO, Power Up Your Joy

5 Ways to Power Up Your Joy

Joy is the gateway to fulfillment yet so many women professionals unknowingly sacrifice it for success. During this inspirational talk, you’ll learn:
  • Why joy is an essential life ingredient especially for professional women
  • Why it was lost and how to get it back
  • How to source more of it
  • The power of bringing it into your work life
  • Methods to stay connected to joy including how to experience joy on demand

When you power up your joy, you power up your life!

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